Karl Lagerfeld designs for Carrefour

The success of such actions as Lagerfeld bathrobes collection for Carrefour, Paprocki & Brzozowski pillows for Biedronka (polish discount supermarcet) or bags Wittchen for Lidl shows how strongly attached is the Polish society to famous brands.

Can You call it snobbery? Yes, if we consider that Lagerfeld bathrobe pulled out from the hands of the crazy crowd rummaging inside the baskets and shelves is the basis to impress others. If not, then this is simply blindly following a famous name. Such a product does not offer neither the quality appropriate for the brand, nor the atmosphere of luxury at the time of purchase, which is the biggest asset of spending money in expensive boutiques.

This type of phenomenas are characteristic for countries in which the field of fashion is still developing, and the logo or name of the designer written in bold letters constitute a sufficient argument for the decision to purchase the product. Fortunately, predictions for the future are very promising, and the profound changes are already visible in our western neighbors, who are happy to return to craftsmanship fashion, “no name” or choose alternative young designers.


Photo source: tirellicostumi.com