Shop My Mood is not another online store traced from black and white, mass stencil.

Shop My Mood is a new quality in the meetings with fashion. This meetings don’t limit to mindless „add to cart“ to satisfy a temporary whim of having another serial produced item.

Shop My Mood are factual articles about fashion perceived as part of the human material culture and placed equally with other areas of our civilisation’s achievements. It’s also photography, because fashion as the synonym of variability couldn’t be recorded, so it wouldn’t exist.

Shop My Mood are, above all, high quality products created by artisans and artists with tangible identity, related to a particular territory and guarding the high level of “Made in Italy”. These are also the products from other European countries, in which the need of aesthetics is not associated with frivolity, but self-esteem.

Shop My Mood is for those, who don’t want to pay for logo, but for the quality and uniqueness. For those, who take fashion seriously and do not let anyone to convince themselves that it’s superficial. For those, who understand, that in today times, the real luxury is something uncommon.


Katarzyna Żechowicz

She graduated with honors from the Master of Fashion at the University of Bologna in Italy. She is also a graduate from Journalism and Social Communication and Italian Philology at Warsaw University. She writes about fashion, lifestyle and Italian culture. She collaborates with La Rivista. Her publications were placed both in print and online media, including foreign ones. She lectures on the history of fashion, trends and fashion shows arrangement at the Warsaw school Splot Artystyczny. She is the founder and the main organizer of Shop My Mood.

Marta Madej – graphic studio WKŁAD WŁASNY

The author of the website graphic project. Responsible for the corporate identity of Shop My Mood. More information: Wkład Własny