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When fashion meets music, cuisine, design and urban vitality, there comes out a good mix! Anyone who tries it, will no longer want to go back to old habits. Anonymous products from the fashion supermarkets will start to seem very grey …

The rate of production, encouraging price and standardization of the projects for the tastes of the maximum number of consumers – those are the determinants which guide the supermarkets of fashion. Those that occupy the largest areas of shopping centers, that put their points of sale in the most attractive locations in the city and who can afford the repetition of television advertising instilling us that this season we should wear fringes. The worst thing is that you really start to think that another option does not exist. When shopping at the mall fails, we say: “there is nothing,” and we give up. This is not true. THERE IS ! But in this mass of information, it is hard for us to find it. And first of all, we should not look for it in the places where we looked till now.

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